The history of color


A very interesting (and short) history of the use color and how dangerous some of them were, artists had short life span for a reason.


New Interior for the Executive Jet Terminal by Limelight

Limelight Credentials June 2016EJT.002

Limelight Credentials June 2016EJT.001

Limelight Credentials June 2016ejt2.001

We are very proud of our work for Dubai South designing the interior of the new Executive Jet Terminal: the worlds first luxury jet terminal dedicated to private jets and VIP travelers. Custom furniture, one-of-a-kind gold glass dividers, bespoke wall design, sculptural stretch fabric ceiling, we look forward to the grand opening this fall.





A new brand Identity by Limelight

Limelight Credentials June 2016.001

A new identity we created for a luxury residential property on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. A client that provides a clear strategic brief, understands the process and is willing to truly collaborate is a wonderful thing. Well done team!


A Taste of Canada in Dubai

Canadian saloon-inspired concept, Weslodge Saloon has opened at the JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay.

Differentiation in the luxury fashion/apparel sector


I think Coach is moving in the right direction by offering personalized services: it differentiates, builds a more personal bond with the brand, and demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction. Expensive to do on a broad basis, but in flagship stores it should work well for them.

How to transform a public space on a budget

Umbrellas at Dubai Mall

"The Village" at Dubai Mall, a nice simple colorful way to energize a space with form, color and whimsy

An impressive hoarding installation at Dubai Mall

burberry dubai mall

An impressive hoarding installation at Dubai Mall, these are backlit panels in fronts of other store under renovation. They're huge, highly visible and dominate this enormous escalator space. Well done Burberry!