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The Tragic Decline of Olympic Venues

Posted By admin February 19, 2017


An issue that never seems to be resolved despite an abundance of promises, charts, strategies and consultants. London appears to have gotten it right, but few other host cities have. I have personally witnessed the sad state of Olympic facilities in both Barcelona and Beijing, it’s depressing to see it first hand. It’s the speed at which the decline has occurred in Rio that is startling.

Excellence in Chocolate Merchandising

Posted By admin February 15, 2017

One of the most exclusive chocolate displays I have seen, nearly 30 very exclusive brands, mostly European (Swiss, French, Belgian, etc) not surprisingly. As seen at the new extension to CityWalk in Dubai, if you have a taste for the best chocolate money can buy this place is for you.


Now this is my kind of design

Posted By admin February 15, 2017

We really like this kind of architecture:  the unique use of textured, perforated and translucent materials and forms in a contemporary and innovative way for both the interior and exterior, with an industrial twist. The exterior metal cladding captures artificial and natural light very nicely (always changing) and the character of the interior lighting is beautiful. The real challenge here is the time & thought required for research, design, technical development and coordination to execute the vision –  this is not easy or simple but the results are worth it.

The Power of the Tesla brand

Posted By admin February 7, 2017

It is testimony to the power and attraction of the Tesla brand that after Gulf News published my comments today we have received phone calls and emails asking for more information or tickets to the event. The Tesla brand is strong.

What’s Happening Above the Line of Sight

Posted By admin February 5, 2017

I always look up when I’m in a nice space, the designer has often thought carefully about the ceiling. Sometimes it’s not the obvious views with the most interest, this is the exterior car drop off area at the Fairmont Hotel, the Palm.

The New Under Armour Interior Impresses

Posted By admin February 5, 2017

I like the new interior concept by Under Armour, it’s bold, dynamic and nicely merchandised. I’m not convinced it sets a new standard or reinvents the category but it does set it apart from the competition who are all starting to all look the same.