Co-Branded Boutique by John Lewis and Swarovski in Dubai


This is a nice co-branded concept between John Lewis and Swarovski (DFC, Dubai), if you buy certain items from john Lewis  the in-house Swarovski "Crystal Lab" boutique will customize it on the spot for you. Individualized bling - not my style but I can see how it would appeal to a lot of people.

Will the Dubai Super Sale Succeed as a Retail Promotion?

Gulf News asked me for a few comments on the announcement of the "super sale" scheduled to happen twice a year. It's an interesting idea that will primarily benefit local residents, it's very difficult to promote a 3-day sale internationally unlike the other two major sale periods which occur over a period of weeks or months. It certainly gives retailers a chance to liquidate old stock and generate cash but a lot of that has already been going on, not sure how much old stock is still sitting around. I think the real benefit here is to re-establish the value proposition of Dubai as prices have continued to rise over the past several years, this type of event says "VALUE" and that is not something you've heard associated with retail in Dubai for a long time. Short term benefit to consumers, long term benefit to retailers.

The Wave of Innovation for EXPO2020 is Beginning


Let the innovation begin! This is the first of many unique and dynamic architectural concepts for national pavilions at EXPO2020: the winning concept for Luxembourg. Having been in several meetings with the EXPO2020 team I am certain this will be the best EXPO in decades. Start making your travel plans now.

Hermes Marketing Installation a Rare Miss

This is a very unusual installation by Hermes. If you own a Hermes scarf you can bring it to this temporary wooden building/kiosk and they will dye it new color for you using a basic residential washing machine. Is this actually popular with women? Do you take your luxury scarf and change the color on a whim? The issue is that the dye process is one color, if you have a multicolored scarf, and many are, they end up shades of one color.  I didn't see anyone actually doing this while I was there, just a lot of Hermes staff standing around. I admire Hermes as a brand and always look forward to seeing what they do next, their customer engagement programs are very innovative but I think this is a rare miss.