Glenn Angcla

Posted By admin September 19, 2018

Glenn is well-versed in the field of architecture with more than 8 years exposure to architectural works from conceptualization, interior design, detailing, furniture manufacturing, fit-out, and site construction while continuing his development in every project that he encounters.

Rhea Vora

Posted By admin June 20, 2018

Rhea is a young architect graduate from Manipal University, Dubai. Seeking every opportunity that comes her way, she embarks on the journey and creativity. Her interests explore beyond constraints and she is willing to learn more with every experience.  

Rashiq Muhamad Ali

Posted By admin June 20, 2018

Rashiq has over 14 years extensive experience with high-end design practices and has a proven track record with delivery and management of the same while leading international teams in London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Juman Sleiman

Posted By admin May 3, 2018

Juman is a multi-disciplinary designer with passions across the fields of interior, design, experiences and branding. After obtaining her B.A. in Interior Architecture with a minor in Business from Beirut, she completed her Master of Design in Luxury Brand Management Innovation from the University of Arts London. By combining her creativity and understanding of brand strategies, […]

Gabby Cusi

Posted By admin May 3, 2018

Gabrylle is an experienced Office Manager with a demonstrated history of managing projects and teams in the design industry. She is also skilled in event planning, customer service, advertising, and marketing strategy with strong administrative background. She graduated with honors and got her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies. She has a warm personality with […]

Co-Branded Boutique by John Lewis and Swarovski in Dubai

Posted By admin May 18, 2017

  This is a nice co-branded concept between John Lewis and Swarovski (DFC, Dubai), if you buy certain items from john Lewis  the in-house Swarovski “Crystal Lab” boutique will customize it on the spot for you. Individualized bling – not my style but I can see how it would appeal to a lot of people.