“Remastered” Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller

Posted By admin November 17, 2016

  We were at the launch of the new “remastered” Aeron chairs by Herman Miller last night including this new casual line called “Keyn”. As you would expect from Herman Miller – well crafted, beautiful materials, innovative and carefully considered.

The Bright Future for Canada and the UAE

Posted By admin October 31, 2016

  http://gulfnews.com/business/economy/canada-seeks-to-increase-trade-ties-with-uae-1.1920737   A great article about the very positive relationship between Canada and the UAE as described by the Consul General Emmanuel Kamarianakis (a terrific guy who is doing a stellar job) and why the future remains very bright for Canadians in the UAE.

Great Expression of a Brand

Posted By admin October 26, 2016

  What a great display for a high-quality hand crafted carpet company, the copy on the wall is really good. “I was a thread once and the I found my way . . . “. It transforms the perception of carpet from a commodity into a person story, well done.  

Precious Materials Need Respect

Posted By admin October 26, 2016

Solid planks of wood as seen at Dubai Design Week. The design and use of such a precious commodity needs to be carefully considered and shown the respect it deserves

Failure to Deliver on Expectations

Posted By admin October 23, 2016

  The is the main lobby in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, part of a major renovation by Daniel Libeskind. While the exterior is a powerful example of historic/modern contrast with bold forms and striking geometry, the interior is a letdown. It fails to deliver on the expectations set up by the exterior, it […]

Great New F&B in Dubai

Posted By admin October 23, 2016

  One of the great things about Dubai is that so much is going on you are often surprised by hidden gems. This is “Pantry Cafe” at Bay Square, a sophisticated restaurant that serves great contemporary food at great prices in an urban chic environment. Save