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The Wave of Innovation for EXPO2020 is Beginning

Posted By admin May 2, 2017

Let the innovation begin! This is the first of many unique and dynamic architectural concepts for national pavilions at EXPO2020: the winning concept for Luxembourg. Having been in several meetings with the EXPO2020 team I am certain this will be the best EXPO in decades. Start making your travel plans now.   http://www.designmena.com/insight/metaform-and-the-space-factory-win-competition-to-design-luxembourg-pavilion-for-expo-dubai-2020

New pavillions for Dubai EXPO 2020 revealed

Posted By admin March 20, 2016

The 3 “values” of Dubai EXPO 2020 are Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity and the pavillions that represent each of these values have been awarded to major international architects. Clearly they have selected world-class firms that have set the bar very high for quality of design. Truly something to look forward to!