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Great Packaging and Visual Merchandising by Jones the Grocer

Posted By admin November 17, 2016

  Visual merchandising and product lighting at the new Jones the Grocer in the Dusit Thani hotel. The uplighting is stylish and elegant, the great packaging helps to make this a very nice presentation

Digital Beauty

Posted By admin November 17, 2016

    https://www.behance.net/gallery/37858193/Novelty-Waves-3   Here is an example of technology being used to create a stunning blend of color, pattern, geometry, lightvisually using digital fabric as the vehicle. It’s graphic, metallic, bold, saturated, complex, 3D – it’s many things including beautiful.

Value Add Coffee Selection – Effective Communications

Posted By admin October 23, 2016

I saw this in a cafe menu and thought it was a great example of simple graphic communications that explains a common consumer decision in a very clear and effective manner, true value add. The challenge is that the selection is even greater and now I have to remember what is in a “con panna”. […]

The history of color

Posted By admin July 13, 2016

https://www.artsy.net/article/the-art-genome-project-a-brief-history-of-color-in-art A very interesting (and short) history of the use color and how dangerous some of them were, artists had short life span for a reason. Save

A new brand Identity by Limelight

Posted By admin July 12, 2016

A new identity we created for a luxury residential property on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. A client that provides a clear strategic brief, understands the process and is willing to truly collaborate is a wonderful thing. Well done team! Save

An impressive hoarding installation at Dubai Mall

Posted By admin July 11, 2016

An impressive hoarding installation at Dubai Mall, these are backlit panels in fronts of other store under renovation. They’re huge, highly visible and dominate this enormous escalator space. Well done Burberry!