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Co-Branded Boutique by John Lewis and Swarovski in Dubai

Posted By admin May 18, 2017

  This is a nice co-branded concept between John Lewis and Swarovski (DFC, Dubai), if you buy certain items from john Lewis¬† the in-house Swarovski “Crystal Lab” boutique will customize it on the spot for you. Individualized bling – not my style but I can see how it would appeal to a lot of people.

Excellence in Chocolate Merchandising

Posted By admin February 15, 2017

One of the most exclusive chocolate displays I have seen, nearly 30 very exclusive brands, mostly European (Swiss, French, Belgian, etc) not surprisingly. As seen at the new extension to CityWalk in Dubai, if you have a taste for the best chocolate money can buy this place is for you.  

Now this is my kind of design

Posted By admin February 15, 2017

We really like this kind of architecture:¬† the unique use of textured, perforated and translucent materials and forms in a contemporary and innovative way for both the interior and exterior, with an industrial twist. The exterior metal cladding captures artificial and natural light very nicely (always changing) and the character of the interior lighting is […]

What’s Happening Above the Line of Sight

Posted By admin February 5, 2017

I always look up when I’m in a nice space, the designer has often thought carefully about the ceiling. Sometimes it’s not the obvious views with the most interest, this is the exterior car drop off area at the Fairmont Hotel, the Palm.

The New Under Armour Interior Impresses

Posted By admin February 5, 2017

I like the new interior concept by Under Armour, it’s bold, dynamic and nicely merchandised. I’m not convinced it sets a new standard or reinvents the category but it does set it apart from the competition who are all starting to all look the same.

“Remastered” Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller

Posted By admin November 17, 2016

  We were at the launch of the new “remastered” Aeron chairs by Herman Miller last night including this new casual line called “Keyn”. As you would expect from Herman Miller – well crafted, beautiful materials, innovative and carefully considered.