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The Tragic Decline of Olympic Venues

Posted By admin February 19, 2017

  An issue that never seems to be resolved despite an abundance of promises, charts, strategies and consultants. London appears to have gotten it right, but few other host cities have. I have personally witnessed the sad state of Olympic facilities in both Barcelona and Beijing, it’s depressing to see it first hand. It’s the […]

Dubai’s Al Shindagha area gets a new mall

Posted By admin March 20, 2016

http://gulfnews.com/business/sectors/retail/dubai-s-al-shindagha-area-gets-a-new-mall-1.1659790   Dubai: Residents and tourists in Dubai’s Al Shindagha area now have a new mall where they can shop, dine or watch a film. City Centre Al Shindagha, which opened its doors on Monday, features 75 stores, such as a Carrefour hypermarket, Splash, Babyshop, and consumer electronics store Sharaf DG, as well as 10 […]

True Comittment

Posted By admin February 10, 2015

  This is a mall in Beijing where every morning at 9 AM sharp there is a very formal opening ceremony with a military team that marches out to the mall entrance and conducts a flag ceremony. You can see how the woman has the flag, throws it out into the wind but it blows […]

The Importance of Process – Part 3

Posted By admin February 10, 2015

Best in class retailers, ones that have been truly successful, place great importance on brand strategy and designing the customer experience. They recognize that there is tremendous value in doing it right. There is simply too much at stake (time, money, brand equity, consumer loyalty, etc) not to follow a proven and well-documented process.   […]

The Importance of Process – Part 2

Posted By admin February 10, 2015

In general, we recommend a simple process with a few fundamental components:   Research the Market / Your Customer This is one of the areas of real weakness in many retail plans which is understandable given the difficulty of acquiring quality data. However, that is no excuse for not using every avenue available to gather […]

Where the music comes from

Posted By admin February 8, 2015

In response to clients who have difficulty understanding the process of strategy and design I found a brilliant quote from Brian Grebow: When I hear that “my cousin’s son has computer in his basement and he can do it cheaper,” I try to say kindly that “The music is not in the violin.”