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The New Under Armour Interior Impresses

Posted By admin February 5, 2017

I like the new interior concept by Under Armour, it’s bold, dynamic and nicely merchandised. I’m not convinced it sets a new standard or reinvents the category but it does set it apart from the competition who are all starting to all look the same.

Electronics Recycling: Great Initiative by BestBuy

Posted By admin August 31, 2016

I saw this in Canada recently, I think it’s great that an electronics retailer is committed to building stronger customer relationships by providing a safe and efficient means of recycling used electronics.    

BMW focuses on electric vehicle dealerships

Posted By admin November 23, 2015

It’s interesting to see BWM focus on the electric vehicle sector by creating stand alone dealerships that sell only on electric cars, this dealership was seen in Munich recently.

The Importance of Process – Part 3

Posted By admin February 10, 2015

Best in class retailers, ones that have been truly successful, place great importance on brand strategy and designing the customer experience. They recognize that there is tremendous value in doing it right. There is simply too much at stake (time, money, brand equity, consumer loyalty, etc) not to follow a proven and well-documented process.   […]

The Importance of Process – Part 2

Posted By admin February 10, 2015

In general, we recommend a simple process with a few fundamental components:   Research the Market / Your Customer This is one of the areas of real weakness in many retail plans which is understandable given the difficulty of acquiring quality data. However, that is no excuse for not using every avenue available to gather […]

The Importance of Process – Part 1

Posted By admin February 2, 2015

Given the significant capital investment required to fitout and operate retail locations it would seem logical that a well crafted brand strategy and store design would be essential; if you’re to spend the time and money to open a store the experience should be compelling and memorable, right? If you consider some of the better […]