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Electronics Recycling: Great Initiative by BestBuy

Posted By admin August 31, 2016

I saw this in Canada recently, I think it’s great that an electronics retailer is committed to building stronger customer relationships by providing a safe and efficient means of recycling used electronics.    

The Value Equation Dilemma – Part 3

Posted By admin January 18, 2015

The core issue at stake, for both retailers and consumers, is that there is very seldom an effective, fast and cheap answer. In order to secure maximum value in store development retailers must provide resources in proportion to their value expectations. For consumers, there are simply too many choices and too much information available to […]

The Value Equation Dilemma – Part 2

Posted By admin January 18, 2015

The challenge is the maintenance of quality relative to price. If you reduce price and quality in equal proportions value remains constant. However, if you reduce the price by 25% but reduce the quality by 50% you actually receive less value, even though the price goes down.   As noted strategist Ross Holliman rightly says […]

The Value Equation Dilemma – Part 1

Posted By admin January 18, 2015

Two events occurred last week that illustrate what I believe to be a systemic issue facing many companies here in the UAE and the broader GCC.   The first was a conversation with a retailer who explained how frustrated he was with the last 3 design firms he had worked with because he didn’t like […]